Fun The theming is the best I have experienced. Phantasialand: Taron is a must do - See 2,998 traveller reviews, 2,883 candid photos, and great deals for Bruhl, Germany, at Tripadvisor. Seit Juni 2016 ist die neue Themenwelt „Klugheim“ im Phantasialand in Brühl bei Köln geöffnet. Intensity Intensity. Phantasialand Coaster Cars Design Slim Fit T-Shirt ... taron sweatshirts & hoodies. [2] Taron opened on 30 June 2016. Intensity, Theming I remember somewhere I read that the highest negative G-force you get on the ride is 0.75Gs, which is BS. Launch We visited on Thursday 3rd September, when i believe schools had returned, so while the park was quite busy it wasn't exceptional, with queue times typically being 15-30 minutes for roller coasters and 0-10 minutes for other rides. It was very warm and it flew round the course, so I can imagine my opinion changing if I ride it again on a worse day, but overall, I love this ride, and I can't wait to get back, Airtimes Discomfort, Masterpiece Comfort Are you ready for Raik and Taron? Waardering: 10,0 maandag 12 september 2016 om 22:56 uur Steven Schwarte. I've followed the construction of this ride since the first supports started going up and have been amazed by what my new favorite park in the world has been able to pull off. The launches are brilliant and pacing really wild. Nice surprise! Secure Payments 100% Secure payment with 256-bit SSL Encryption Learn more. Intensity, Theming How did I even survive that ride ? Ejectors Capacity, Theming Layout Fantastic variations in forces and the feeling of rushing through an intricately designed village couple together to make a jaw-dropping experienced, let down only by 1 deadspot where it feels like the coaster does very little. This is a true masterpiece... from the theming, to the layout, to the intense two launches.. it was the most intensive ride i've ridden so far... to bad I only had the chance for one try, so I cannot tell this is my number one in Europe thus far after another go.. Airtimes Airtimes Launch For faster navigation, this Iframe is preloading the Wikiwand page for Taron (Phantasialand) . Ejectors, Theming However, as an experience it is the best coaster I have ever ridden and if you would ask me what coaster I would want to ride right now over and over again it would be this. De rollercoaster gaat een hoop wereldrecords breken, staat op een bordje bij de bouwplaats. I also saw very few janitorial staff at all which for a park so focused on theming, atmosphere, and beauty would be really helpful to maintain that awesome atmosphere Phantasialand strives for. Taron is a multilaunch steel roller coaster manufactured by Intamin located at Phantasialand in Germany. Intensity, Theming Masterpiece Masterpiece Airtimes Intensity. Attraction Highlights Taron. Airtimes Simply breathtaking coasters. Comfort Riders are arranged 2 across in 2 rows for a total of 16 riders per train. I've loved this coaster since the beginning and I'm so happy I was able to ride it. Duration Duration, Theming (PS, sit on the right side. Layout Nice surprise! Having a second launch and thus being able to increase the speed throughout the ride is a fantastic idea and adds to the sense of euphoria you feel. We went here twice in July and both times the queue waiting times were very acceptable (compared to e.g. The Theming is stunning! Just an amazing Complete package! Yes you can feel the G-force stronger than Taron, but it was soooo smooth and the inversions were fun. World class, Theming The best LSM launch i have experienced its getting close to hydrolics. The restraints really do make this ride since they outdo Mack's in every possible way. Free Return Exchange or money back guarantee for all orders Learn more. Ejectors, Theming Sometimes you'll be ejected from your seat vertically or laterally, sometimes you'll be folded entirely sideways, and sometimes you'll get all of it at once! And it being a lapbar (Unlike other Intamin Blitz coasters) means that you get total freedom on the layout, specifically the airtime. Gorgeous theming which procures a very complete sensorial experience, i felt like a child for my first ride, maybe the hype blinded me a bit when it comes to judge it properly, but the overall experience and the story behind it make it so unique and incredible. Masterpiece. It is the fastest and longest multi-launched roller coaster in the world. Intensity, Launch Ladies and gentlemen, we have another new major roller coaster to open in 2020 and it looks like a great one! Pace I love this ride to death and there's just so much about it that's great. Höhe: 18 Meter. I think that Herman (on a small trip to that park) will show more "epic" photos! The first half might have slightly sluggish pacing, but what comes after the second launch more than makes up! Launch Masterpiece The only downsides are the fact that the ride is a bit sluggish at the end of the first half, but that means that the second launch hits really hard! The ride is situated in the 'Klugheim' area of the theme park, a … The second launch is insane and the highlight of this layout. And all of that with the most comfortable coaster trains ever, Theming Nestled between Cologne and Bonn, in the little town of Bruhl, Phantasialand is a hot favourite theme park among German locals yet remains relatively unknown to the rest of the outside world.When people think of amusement parks, they will first picture Disney characters prancing around or the thrilling rides of Universal Studio, but few would know or have heard about Phantasialand. Launch Dead spots, Theming Nice surprise! Duration The trim brake before the last hill is too strong but might be necessary to reduce the forces in the final narrow curve. Any parts that could have been weak were made infinitely better by the constant interactions with the theming, with the hand choppers and head choppers adding a great amount of excitement to the ride. Capacity And since trains run so often, the queue is in a constant state of motion as well. A park I have heard so much about. - some dead spots, Theming Layout Taron crosses the village of Klugheim several times. Layout Theming Duration. Nu strijkt de … Just the best roller coaster I've ever ridden! Duration of the ride is fantastic and you instantly feel that this is a highest quality ride. But don't get me wrong: it still provides a punch. After a boozy evening sailing down the rhine the night before, it was finally time to visit Phantasialand. Ejectors Fun Stap in de boot in de steilste waterbaan ter wereld: de Chiapas. Masterpiece Launch First half already feels way fast and features two amazing moments of airtime, the better one being a twisted airtime hill. Duration Masterpiece two great launches, tons of airtime - a bit weak maybe but airtime - and fantastic transitions etc... let alone the theming. It's almost perfect and the immersion is unparalleled for a coaster of this size, but - for me - the layout itself lacks a bit of airtime and is a tad too repetitive with too few iconic moments. This hardly describes the experience we all love and perceive differently. Launch Theming Dead spots, great Launch, really good Theming, 2 Dead spots, really Smooth, a bit overrated, Launch Last Update: 25.12.2020 Rebooking information. Theming is great, soundtrack is good and the ride looks amazing. Theming Intensity Vandaag gaat hij in de snelste en langste multi-lanceer-achtbaan ter wereld: de Taron in Phantasialand. The whole area of Klugheim is expertly themed and the coaster is extremely well integrated. All information about the opening of Phantasialand can be found constantly updated on this page and on our social media channels. Dead spots, Comfort Pace Fun, Theming Taron und Raik holen laut dem Phantasialand 6 Weltrekorde. Masterpiece und ich möchte unbedingt mit Taron fahren.letztes jahr waren wir auch ins phantasialand da habe ich mich aber nicht getraut mit Taron zu fahren. Records have been broken at Phantasialand, which is home to Taron, the longest multi-launch rollercoaster in the world, and Raik, the world's fastest family boomerang rollercoaster of its kind with forwards and backwards motion. Intensity, Theming Reliability, Theming Pace It leads you to the highest point of the ride, followed by the best element - another very violent twisted airtime hill. Fun Phantasia land is a brilliant theme park with amazing rides and wonderful themes. The theming in the park was excellent, with "lands" representing Mexico, China, Africa, Berlin, … Intensity Great whip. Rattle Superbe theming, great second launch. But don't get me wrong: it still provides a punch. - Bekijk 2.982 reizigersbeoordelingen, 2.852 onthullende foto's en goede aanbiedingen voor Bruhl, Duitsland, op Tripadvisor. + Outstanding Theming People can overrate some rides and I can see why people would be disappointed, but for me Taron is a fantastic ride and also an experience. Once clear, the train is launched to a speed of 49.7 mph (80kmh). Thrill: 3.5/5, Theming Layout, Theming Launch Zo heeft de Taron ook nog eens 58 kruispunten. Masterpiece, Theming Nice surprise! Launch Despite it being busy between Christmas and New Year the queues (apart from Taron!) Jaloers Pace Layout Heb je hier al een profiel? Fun Reliability, Theming Intensity, Theming Fun The two launches (especially the second one) are very intense. It kinda meanders before the second launch, which is kinda boring for a bit, and then you hit the launch. I don't say this often, but an inversion would have been a nice distraction from all the twists and turnarounds during the course. Es ist geplant das wir mit meine klasse ins phantasialand fahren. Airtimes, Nice surprise! Theming Intensity, Airtimes Lap Bar Launch Definitely my favorite ride.The whole Klugheim Area is amazing and so is Taron,the ride is intense,fast and the transitions are insane. Airtimes Smoothness, Theming Launch Still my favourite EU coaster having ridden Helix, Shambhala and many other top rated EU coasters. Dead spots, For me this ride has some great moments however some parts of the ride are considerably less forceful and fun than other parts. Theming Masterpiece Phantasialand remains closed. Reliability, Theming The ride's a blur from start to finish, and I can almost guarantee that you will be light-headed for at least a second after riding. Most intersecting track points on a coaster (58), This page was last edited on 26 September 2020, at 17:16.